“Dune,” creates an open home by providing temporary protection from wind and sun.

This Succah entitled DUNE draws on the cultural history of this temporary dwelling and the coastal site of Bondi. It explores the relationship between an experience of refuge and the sky – the heavy and light, the grounded and weightless. It draws on the memory of exile in the desert and the forgotten indigenous landscape of Bondi, where DUNE references a living natural form that is dynamic and shaped by the wind, but also reminiscent of a cloud or a wave. This site-specific response positions the viewer in a space that opens up to the eastern sea view and sunrise, with filtered sunsets to the west, and protected from southerly winds. The Succah is designed to disappear - tinted shades of green with natural dyes made from local vegetation. The quality of light and interior experience is paramount, with a draped ceiling of timber branches. The Succah draws on the themes of environment and homelessness, with a focus on creating a generous dining space that invites people to dwell inside. The function of this Succah is essentially about shade and dining for the festival of Succot, but it is also a call to action. There is hope that in considering how it might feel to be homeless, and the current threat of climate change that will affect everybody worldwide, that the audience might reflect on the responsibility that lies with each of us in the climate emergency we face.

Lucy Humphrey is an architect and designer, whose work explores traditional architectural outputs of residential dwellings and commercial fit-outs, as well as more ephemeral artistic installations involving water, light and movement.

Lucy’s practice operates through human-scaled interventions, with specifically designed objects, components and furniture creating interactive experiences







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Succah by the Sea, an installation at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2019 | Supported by Shalom

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