Environmentalism is key to the design process of “Supersuccah”, using an algorithim to ensure zero-wastage of materials.

Supersuccah offers a contemporary re-imaging of the Succah as an ephemeral environmental experience through the realisation of a complexly formed, intricately layered and highly diffused structure consisting of hundreds of unique timber strips. Through coupling computational design techniques with digital fabrication processes, the design evidences the larger ambition of our practice’s work; to produce unique, culturally valuable and high performing architectures achieved in parallel with the smart and efficient use of geometry and material.

Our proposal is very much inspired by the make/remake culture Succot embodies. We are fascinated by what such continuous cultural processes afford, namely, a chance to revisit the sensory, spatial and technical conceptualization of the Succah each year. And, through the act of playful making, embed those experiences into the fabric of the Succah itself.

Supermanoeuvre is comprised of Dave Pigram and Iain (Max) Maxwell. Max is a registered Architect and educator and Dave is a computational designer, advanced fabrication research and educator.

The practice is at the forefront of all things robotic and are unique in that they are one of very few firms in Australia examining the boundaries of structural innovation through computational logics.







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Studio 9A, Level 1, 94 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

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Succah by the Sea, an installation at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2019 | Supported by Shalom

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